aug 6th. the nimbols with jazz pop rock and country 5-8pm....

aug. 7th. lag and the stampede blues and classic rock  3 to

aug. 12th. pb. & jam with rock americana and more come and have funnn 5-8pm....

aug 13th king tide awesome band greate rock ya'll love this you have to see this to believe it 5-8pm... 

aug. 14th david out lawlovely lovely lovely band !!! greate music lets dance everybody .. 3 to 6 pm.

19th. good carma greate jazz band you'l lovet 5 to 8 pm.

aug. 20th. miracle mule country country and more country 4 to 7pm.

aug. 21rst. jhonsy lite rock pop and more 2 to 5pm.

aug. 26th. claiborne with rock americana and more 5 to 8pm.

aug. 27th brazilll with samba and more 4 to 8pm.

aug. 28th. the humdingers lovely band come and lets dance 2 to 5pm. 



!!!!!hey everybody this is rene have a wonderful augost, sumer is here lets have funnnn everybody is welcome at big rock!!!!!!!!